Small and mid-size businesses don’t have the time, money or patience to wait for business results.   

Let’s face it, it is a struggle to keep pace with how quickly the world changes. That’s why we started an On-Demand Marketing Agency focused on helping start-ups, small and mid-size businesses quickly capture the hearts of their customers without breaking the bank. We believe in “real-time brand-building”, which delivers strategically-informed execution, creating an immediate business impact while also developing equity for systemic growth and connections with your customers. And since we personally orchestrate the execution within our extended network of ultra-seasoned freelancers and boutique agencies, we do not require hefty retainers and contracts to do this. The “On-Demand” nature of what we do is our commitment to provide only what you need, when you need it. Because who has the time, money or energy for anything else?




  • WE ARE PROBLEM SOLVERS. We are a bit like a business therapist. We listen - really listen - for what you need. Then we jump into planning for just the right solution for you right now. On-demand. 

  • WE ARE THINKERS. We have the solution. Now it’s time for the plan. We got that too. Strategic marketing, coming your way, today. 

  • WE ARE DOERS. We mobilize our teams. We brief them and we get them started. We review the work and get it to you. All managed behind the scenes by us and in your hands before you know it. And because we leverage a team of seasoned freelancers and boutique agencies, we can give you the talent you deserve without the overhead and hidden mark-ups you don’t.

  • WE ARE LEADERS AND COLLABORATORS. We teach and train. We maximize our combined expertise - yours on your business and ours in marketing and branding - to set you up to execute with success.

  • WE ARE YOUR REINFORCEMENT. We empower you and make you the hero! And we know sometimes you will want us front and center and at times behind the scenes. Your call. And we won’t love you and leave you. We are here for those tune-ups whenever you need them.



These happy clients think so!
  • Devou Park

    The Challenge: A lack of brand awareness was keeping this hidden gem from connecting with the right audiences.

    The Solution: A renewed sense of self that put Devou on the map and carved out its unique niche and offerings. And as a bonus, it nicely complemented the City of Covington brand!

  • Middletown Visitors Bureau

    The Challenge: An identity crisis in the midst of economic hardships led to marketing paralysis.

    The Solution:

    A strong brand reinvigorated community pride and unified all initiatives moving forward.

  • Trak Group

    The Challenge: A legacy brand in need of guidance to bring to life a new vision.

    The Solution: Uncovering the essence of the brand and experience to make it authentically relevant again.

  • Reindeer in Here

    The Challenge: A start-up ready to scale but in need of a differentiated brand equity and marketing plan to do so.

    The Solution: Mobilizing a meaningful and impactful strategy rooted in a clear yet differentiated brand story opened up a whole new world for this brand.



We are an unlikely pair, but that is what makes us the best choice for you. We come from opposite sides of the proverbial Marketing and Branding tracks – Anne from the Corporate world and April from the Agency world.  This means with our combined 35 years of experience, we have seen just about every situation business can throw at you, from all sides, with a wide cast of characters, through the ever-changing world.  How’s that for a mouth full? And even though Corporate-Agency relationships are notoriously contentious, ours is not. Why? Our name gives it away – ”Forthright” communication with each other and with you. So, you get the benefit of the 360-degree purview with none of the drama. Definitely a win-win.



April has spent her 15-year career exploring all of the ins and outs of agency life. A believer that learning never stops, and the more experiences we amass, the better we are able to solve life’s many challenges, April has made conscious moves throughout her career to do just that. With a design and MBA business foundation, plus years spent in agencies from branding to design to CPG to advertising to production, April spent her days doing much more than the work. What she knows is how to deal with tension, manage people and personalities, and how to identify and sell the right work to the right clients, which is what really matters in business. She is now prepared to use her expertise to help others do it even better. April firmly believes that fundamental to success in business is in the ability to network, and that as a result, the strong, authentic relationships built open doors and propel us forward.


Anne grew up at P&G - but don’t let that fool you - her path was anything but traditional. Splitting her 20 years between PR/Communications/Marketing and R&D, Anne learned (sometimes the hard way) the imperative role brand building plays to cultivate successful individuals and businesses. Until the world is run by robots, there will always be a person on the other side of the sale. Which means a brand’s ability to transform life in order to create an authentic relationship that they alone own will continue to be paramount for growth. That’s Brand-Love. Her mission is to help start-ups and small/mid-size businesses and the individuals within them realize their Brand-Love potential. Because it doesn’t matter the size of your business, how long you have been around, the number of people you have or the amount of money you make, forming Brand-Love connections is possible and should be a focus at EVERY STEP on the business journey. It is how commodities become brands and brands become franchises. Ready to make some love?




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April Martini, Co-Founder



Anne Candido, Co-Founder



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