These happy clients think so!

Addo Aesthetics


The Challenge: While highly active in the social media space, Addo was struggling with their social identity. They wanted to strengthen their channels to serve as more prolific lead generators.   

The Work: A comprehensive social audit revealed opportunities for channel and content optimization. These insights informed a customized, channel-specific social strategy, optimized to reflect Addo’s brand story improving lead generation.

The Deliverables: Social Audit, Brand-led Social Strategy

Cov Parks (Covington, KY)

The Challenge: CovParks wanted to build a stronger community through their social channels in order to support the park’s mission and goals. 

The Work: A refined Brand-Story which reflected CovParks motivations to create community.  Converted this narrative into visual and verbal assets that could be leveraged across communication channels.  Enhanced their social channels through a customized, brand-led strategy and communication calendar framework. 

The Deliverables: Brand Story, Brand Identity (visual and verbal toolkit), Communications Strategy, Social Media Audit and Strategy, Marketing and Branding Training for the CovParks Team


Letitia Latino


The Challenge: Wearing many hats both personally and professionally meant an overall lack of personal brand clarity. This created siloed efforts, which were impeding her ability to create scaled awareness.

The Work: Created a Personal Brand identity that united all of her efforts into the marketable and ownable brand which is Leticia Latino. Translated this new Personal Brand into marketing assets.

The Deliverables: Personal Brand Definition, Logo Design

Livio MedSpa

The Challenge: While the brand was active in the social space, awareness, engagement and subsequent conversions to sale were not happening.

The Work: A refined brand identity set the foundation for a consistent and impactful brand experience across channels. This resulted in impactful messaging relevant to consumers across channels for greater branded impact.

The Deliverables: Brand Identity (Visual and Verbal Toolkit), Logo Design Refresh


trak group

Screen Shot 2020-12-16 at 9.25.35 AM.png

The Challenge: A legacy brand was in need of reinvention as it looked to carve out a new space with a new CEO.

The Work: A brand strategy and redesign set the brand up for success to cue change and reinvigorate the customer experience across all communications, including the office space.

The Deliverables: Brand Story, Brand Identity (Visual and Verbal Toolkit), Logo Design, Sub-Brand Design

Phi Sigma Rho

The Challenge: As 2020 recruiting loomed, the sorority wanted a brand refresh and recruiting campaign that would renew interest amongst potential recruits and their parents. 

The Work: Translated the essence of the brand into a narrative that intellectually and emotionally exemplifies their “why”. Converted the narrative into visual and verbal assets that can be leveraged across communication channels, forging strong connections with the sorority.  And in this way, cultivated a voice for the sorority that is undeniably theirs. 


The Deliverables: Brand-Story, Brand Identity (Visual and Verbal Toolkit), Recruiting Campaign (including a Communications Strategy), Brand-led Website Design and Programming